Aren't you tired of waiting?

If you're serious about improving speed, reliability and quality of  your UDP connections, take a look at JetStream. JetStream is a UDP SDK which dramatically improves the quality of service of your apps. JetStream incorporates advanced error correction and offers real-time performance for UDP-based applications reliably and consistently.


Key Features

• No latency at encoder

• Realtime peformance

• Lost packet recovery

• Secure connection

• Variable packet delay queue (jitter buffer)

• User selectable latency at decoder

• Decoder latency automatically changes to zero on good channels


JetStream is perfect for:



• Streaming: provides instant streaming without pre-buffering.

• Calling: improves the number of in-order UDP packets received within a real-time constraint.



• Can be used for in game Audio/Video calling,

• Used for non-audio/video game data needing instant transfer.


Any Data

• Provides much lower latency than TCP/IP and much lower packet loss than UDP with in-order reception.



• Adds security to the channel, consisting of authentication and optional encryption.



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