Imagine putting STUN on Steroids


BitJet One is the only NAT traversal solution that reliably traverses simple home NATs LANs to  commercial-grade symmetric NATs with ease. BitJet One connects mobile devices regardless of their data plan, whether they are on wi-fi or on mobile data. Now your iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux, or Windows app can utilize the BitJet One SDK to scale P2P deployments across any mobile network, even ones that use symmetric NATs. The result is less relays, higher quality connections, blazing fast connection speeds, and lower server infrastructure costs.


BitJet One features an embedded VoIP audio path which can be used to quickly build voice-enabled apps.


Highest Direct Connectivity due to Symmetric NAT Traversal

Estimated Direct Connectivity on Mobile Networks
  BitJet One ICE+STUN
US-US 75% 25%
US-International 86% 36%
Assumptions: US Symmetric NATs 50%; World Symmetric NATs 29%


- Blazing fast connect times under one second

- Fast multi-peer conferencing

- Lightweight on the client, small memory footprint

- Secure NAT traversal

- Secure data channel

- Portability layer for OS-es

- Portability layer for servers

- VoIP compression/decompression using the Opus codec


BitJet One Server Requirements – One of the following:

• P2P applications: Use your server(s) already running your P2P service without modification

• New to P2P: Use a standard SIP Trunk (SIP, STUN, TURN)

• New to P2P or require enhanced P2P security: Use Bit Action’s BitJet Base server, a high-security server that creates ultra-secure P2P communication between clients. (Did you see who our CTO is?)


Connect. Direct.

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