Imagine putting STUN on Steroids


BitJet One is a mobile technology SDK, which can help any Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Linux, developer establish general purpose Peer-to-Peer connectivity within their app. BitJet One goes beyond mere port forwarding or port prediction and employs cryptographic methodologies invented by Whitfield Diffie and the Bit Action Team to effectively traverse any NAT, including symmetric NATs (aka Carrier Grade NATs).


This makes it the only solution suitable for large-scale P2P deployments for apps that use mobile networks. Using BitJet One will significantly reduce your server infrastructure cost by providing faster and more direct P2P connections, a better user experience, all without the need for expensive relay servers.


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Highest Direct Connectivity due to Symmetric NAT Traversal


BitJet One, by virtue of its ability to traverse symmetric NATs, provides the best direct mobile-to-mobile connectivity possible. Others technologies have to use relay servers 66% of the time. Figure based on Q2, 2014 market share reports for AT&T at 33%. (Source: Wikipedia, August 2014)









Unmatched Mobile-to-Home Connectivity


BitJet One field tests reveal that under real-world conditions, mobile-to-home connectivity is nearly 100% direct. Mobile is defined to be a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet connecting through either a mobile network or WiFi. Home is defined to be a device at a residence

(set-top box, server, or appliance) connected to the Internet.



• Fast connect times configurable to under one second

• Lightweight on the Client App

• Secure NAT Traversal based on a session key

• Compatibility with standard STUN servers

• VoIP compression/decompression using the Opus codec


BitJet One Server Requirements:

 One of the following:

  • Your own server(s) without modification for developers if you have already deployed P2P servers
  • Use a standard SIP Trunk (SIP, STUN, TURN) for developers without P2P deployments
  • Use ejabberd XMPP/STUN/TURN servers hosted by Bit Action or you.




Connect. Direct.

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